Swarf Management

Swarf management

Swarf (or filings, shavings, metal chips or turnings) are generated by grinding, drilling, turning, milling or cutting tools in the machining of metals and other elements.

2 Recycling offer a swarf management system which includes providing smaller bins and wheelie bins. Being smaller and more manoeuvrable than bigger containers, they can be placed directly next to the machinery so less time is spent emptying the machine. It also means that different types of material are sorted as they are processed which provides a higher paid price than if you recycled mixed materials.

To save space on site, and down-time when bins are full, they are replaced as frequently as needed with collection of materials at the same time. Whether it is daily, weekly or monthly, we will handle all the material you are generating to ensure production does not come to a stop.

• Collection are executed promptly and professionally, typically the next day.
• Secure containers available.
• Carbide and high-speed steel bins are available.

Swarf 1@2x
Swarf 2@2x 2
Swarf 3@2x
Swarf 4@2x
Swarf 5@2x

Coolant management

2 Recycling has partnered with Wogaard Ltd to bring devices to the market that will help companies massively reduce their coolant disposal and purchasing costs. You can significantly reduce consumption of cutting fluids and water, reduce the amount of waste fluid collected and disposed of, end fluid leaks and save thousands.

Talk to us about the best way to get your Coolant Saver to start saving money and then claim your FREE suction head protection tube.

For more information download our brochure or call us on 01476 513900.

FREE storage containers for your scrap metals

FREE next day collections

We take a lot of time and trouble to ensure that when it comes to collecting your scrap our service is always professional and very prompt, typically the next working day.

Selling your scrap metals to 2 Recycling also means 2 Recycling Limited arranges, controls and collects it from you.


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