Welcome to 2 Recycling – ‘Scrap Metal at its Most Professional’

FREE storage containers for your scrap metals

Welcome to 2 Recycling – ‘Scrap Metal at its Most Professional’

FREE storage containers for your scrap metals

Welcome to 2 Recycling – ‘Scrap Metal at its Most Professional’

FREE storage containers for your scrap metals

Photographic Weighbridge Tickets

2 Recycling Ltd Photographic weighbridge ticket

We are the home of ‘Photographic Weighbridge Tickets’

Quite simply the best evidence in our industry as to what metal we collected from you and how much it weighed.


Lorry Mounted Forklift

We bring the forklift with us

We bring the forklift to you

As a part of our collection service we now have a full range of collection vehicles equipped with their own forklifts. This saves you time in loading our lorries, and is ideal for smaller businesses that don’t have a forklift themselves.


Carbon Neutral

Carbon Offset Certification 2 Recycling Limited 2023 2024

We are Carbon Neutral

2 Recycling Ltd’s Carbon Neutral Promise:

As a recycling business servicing lots of manufacturing and engineering companies across the UK, we understand that we have almost an obligation to show our customers and stakeholders the lead when it comes to all matters for the environment.

Our promise: is to help reverse our environmental impact to achieve consistently carbon neutral status, whilst at the same time helping our customers go some of the way in offsetting their carbon footprint for the collection and processing of their scrap metals.


Metals We Buy

Photo of scrap metal bins Showing our metal bin tracking system

Metals We buy

We buy most types of Ferrous & Non-Ferrous and Nickel Alloy scrap metals

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass & Bronze
  • Nickel Alloys
  • Titanium
  • Stainless Steel
  • Duplex
  • Steel
  • Chrome Steel
  • Cable Scrap
  • Special Alloys

Waste Transfer Notes

2 Recycling Ltd Waste Transfer Note

Waste Transfer Notes

In 2025 Digital Waste Transfer Notes are set to become mandatory.

Here at 2 Recycling Ltd we are introducing Digital Waste Transfer Notes in 2024. Leading the way in our industry. Our drivers will have all the relevant details on a handy tablet and as soon as you have signed the waste over to our driver you are automatically emailed your copy of the waste transfer note, so you can keep it for your records.

As we further develop this feature all customers will be given a secure log on so that you can see all of your Duty of Care notes. You’ll never have to worry about losing the paper copy anymore.

In an industry that is sometimes a bit behind the times, we find ourselves achieving ‘best practice’ long before many of our direct competitors. When you also consider our unique ‘photographic weighbridge tickets’ we find ourselves leading the way in our industry giving our customers a comprehensive evidence based audit trail system.


Dedicated Account Manager

2 Recycling Account Manager

Dedicated Account Managers – Real People not a machine.

Industry is tending towards automating and centralising the customer experience, we pride ourselves on maintaining the personal touch. At 2 Recycling we believe in fostering relationships with our clients, making sure we understand your unique requirements and that you can always contact a real person at all times to discuss your needs.

Just call us on 01476 513900


Certificates Of Destruction

Example Certificate of Destruction 2020

We can provide Certificates Of Destruction

When you have some scrap metal or surplus stock which cannot ever come back onto the market as a usable item, we offer an extra service which destroys the item and makes sure it can never be used again. Once the process is complete we issue a Certificate of Destruction for you to keep. This guarantees that the item has been destroyed and cannot ever be re-used in its original form.


Carbide Recycling

Tungsten Carbide Scrap

We buy Tungsten Carbide Drills and Tips – Don’t throw away a valuable resource.

An often overlooked resource, Tungsten Carbide tips, drills & cutting tools and High Speed Steel drills from machine shops. These high value items are often discarded due to their small size, but there is value in recycling this valuable metal. Why not place one of our free mini bins next to the machine, and before you know it the bin will be full and will generate a useful additional income whilst making sure the contents are fully recycled.


Metal Prices

Competitive Market Prices

Metal Prices

Financial returns are always very important to all of us, and by selling your metal scrap to 2 Recycling we feel very confident that you will notice a positive impact on your bottom line. Our extra grade segregation, linked prices and accurate weights, all contribute to making sure you get as much revenue as possible from this valuable waste stream.

We use a live feed from the London Metal Exchange which provides us up to the minute market information. Utilising this link, 2 Recycling ensures that the prices it pays for each metal stands up to bench marking against legitimate industry competitors. We are always keen to buy your scrap. Try us out and see for yourself that we do deliver on our promises.


Free trial of our services

We are so confident in our excellent service that we are happy to offer a free trial with no contractual tie-ins or hidden T&C’s. What’s to lose?