Carbon Neutral

It has never been more important for businesses to step up and take account of the environmental impact associated with their operations. For example, in the UK, businesses account for over 85% of total greenhouse gas emissions. This means that taking corporate action should be our number one priority in helping prevent climate change.

Looking to do our part for the environment, 2 Recycling Limited engaged with Carbon Neutral Britain™ in the summer of 2021 with the ambition of accurately measuring and offsetting the total organisation’s emissions. In other words to become a CARBON NEUTRAL BUSINESS.

Despite the Government encouraging organisations to take action and measure their emissions on a voluntary basis – as the most effective tool in monitoring and reducing their climate impact, many do not. 2 Recycling Ltd are possibly the first in our industry to take on the challenge and we are very pleased now to have been certified for a third year running as a Carbon Neutral Business. You can see our certificates below.

Importantly our new carbon emissions report helps us identify our total carbon footprint – measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e), a set unit to ensure carbon offsetting is accurate, and it reverses our environmental impact to achieve carbon neutral status – increasingly important for our customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders. The report also highlights areas for us to improve upon to ensure at the next measuring point our emissions are also lower. All of this means that you can now be assured that when you sell your scrap metals to 2 Recycling Limited you are directly offsetting the part of your carbon footprint involved in the collecting and processing of your scrap metals.

2 Recycling Ltd’s Carbon Neutral Promise

As a recycling business servicing manufacturing and engineering companies across the UK we understand that we have almost an obligation to show our customers and stakeholders the lead when it comes to all matters for the environment. Our promise is to help reverse our environmental impact to achieve consistently carbon neutral status, whilst at the same time helping our customers go some of the way in offsetting their carbon footprint for the collection and processing of their scrap metals.

Our Carbon Footprint

Carbon Neutral Icons

Amount of CO Offset

We are proud to have offset 4528 Tonnes of CO₂

Environmentally Responsible

See the projects we have undertaken to reduce our actual emissions. Just scroll down.

Recycling’s At Our Core

We see metal recycling as an essential part of the modern day supply chain, producing secondary raw materials in base metallic form for re-use by end users and specialist foundries and consumers. Fundamentally an essential part in a circular economy.

2 Recycling’s Certification of Carbon Neutrality

Carbon Offset Certification 2 Recycling Limited 2023 2024
Carbon Neutral Certification 2 Recycling Limited 2022 2023
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Carbon (GHG) Emissions Report

If you want to read about all our good work and how we have calculated our emissions then why don’t you ask us for a copy of our report?


Carbon Reduction in Practice

It’s all very well offsetting our Carbon Footprint but the other half of the equation must surely be about reducing the actual amount of Carbon in the first place? We at 2 Recycling are actively looking at reducing our Carbon emissions and you will see gradually on this page the steps we are taking to actually reduce our emissions.

Photo of scrap metal bins - Showing our metal bin tracking system

Carbon Reduction Project – Lighting

Our First Carbon Reduction project has been our warehouse lighting. We have recently replaced 185 old Sodium High Bay units with 155 new LED lights.

This alone saves in the region of 135,000KWh of electricity, making this a real winner project when it comes to reducing our actual Carbon Footprint.

LED Warehouse Lights

Carbon Reduction Project – EURO 6 Emission Standard

Further reducing our carbon footprint we have invested £0.5m in the complete replacement of our old fleet of Roll On Roll Off vehicles. We have now taken delivery of these Euro 6 compliant vehicles which are significantly more fuel efficient than the vehicles they replaced.  We have also added more trailer capacity to the fleet which directly saves in the number of journeys we need to make as we can now take two skips at a time. Combined we anticipate these will save up to 3% of our previous total emissions. Another win in the race to save CO2.

Euro 6 Investment

Carbon Reduction Project – Hybrid Company cars

Further reducing our carbon footprint we only have Plug In Hybrid cars in our entire company car fleet. On the way to transitioning to lower carbon fuel sources we have now completed the removal of all diesel and petrol only cars from our car fleet. This means that even though we offset all of our emissions, we are still making progress in reducing those emissions in the first place. Another example of Industry leading standards.

Euro 6 Investment

Carbon Reduction Project – Electricity Contract

After a significant tender process 2 Recycling have now signed to move all of their electricity consumption to a guaranteed green energy supplier. Our new supplier guarantees that the electricity our 90,000 sqft site uses will only come from renewable sources. This is a great win for the environment and helps us further take Carbon out of our operations.

Euro 6 Investment

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