Surplus & Long Length Stock

Surplus & Long Length Stock

Surplus long-length materials can quickly build up and get in the way, and due to the nature of the size may not fit in your traditional scrap metal storage containers resulting in you having to possibly cut it up or place it somewhere else which may cause you to reduce or even cease production.

2 Recycling Ltd are specialists in processing long-length materials. We can receive materials typically measuring up to 13 meters long and provide next-day collections where possible. This means that your surplus stock is never in the way and your business can continue as usual.

Not only would this save you storage space, but would also result in less manpower spent double handling the material as you would no longer have to cut it to fit in your existing storage containers.

If the above sounds of interest and you would like to find out more, you can either contact us on 01476 513900 or download our brochure below for more details.

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FREE next day collections

We take a lot of time and trouble to ensure that when it comes to collecting your scrap our service is always professional and very prompt, typically the next working day.

Selling your scrap metals to 2 Recycling also means 2 Recycling Limited arranges, controls and collects it from you.


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