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Skips and RoRo’s

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Tungsten Carbide Scrap

An often overlooked resource, Tungsten Carbide tips, drills & cutting tools and High Speed Steel drills from machine shops. These high value items are often discarded due to their small size, but there is value in recycling this valuable metal. Why not place one of our free mini bins next to the machine, and before you know it the bin will be full and will generate a useful additional income whilst making sure the contents are fully recycled.

It’s all about saving energy.

Making new tools from recycled solid carbide requires 70 percent less energy than making them from virgin raw materials. Production from recycled materials means 40 percent less carbon dioxide is emitted. Furthermore, recycling is necessary because in the long run our raw materials are scarce and finite. Estimated reserves of tungsten, for example, are around 7 million tonnes, or 100 years of consumption. So why mine unnecessarily? Do your bit for the environment and grab a 2 Recycling ‘Mini Bin’ today.

Key Features – Open Skips

  • All plate seams are fully welded – both inside and out
  • Skips are fully welded along the top of top channels
  • A 6mm base gives extended service life
  • Substantial gussets are used in all four corners
  • Skip lugs are fitted through channels and side plates (fully welded both inside and outside)
  • Where doors are installed a secondary mechanism is always fitted to act as a failsafe in the event of door hinge failure

Have a look at the specification sheet PDFs below to decide which skip may be the most suitable for your application.

If you need a member of the team to come and chat to you about which bins or skips are the most suitable then please give us a call

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