• Swarf
    The manufacturing industry is no stranger to the words “coolant” and “swarf.” The machines used in the manufacturing process often produce waste materials within the type of mists and chips; these supplies can cause serious well being and safety dangers for humans, fireplace hazards for properties and even injury to the encircling atmosphere. Swarf can be highly flammable because of its high floor space; this is especially true of steel chips containing iron, titanium, calcium
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    2 Recycling Limited has launched its new website www.2recycling.com across all devices. The new website has been designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality while allowing customers to see the full service package 2 Recycling Limited can offer. Some of the key changes include the following; As times have changed so must we, We are seeing more and more website visitors coming from We now support all devices including Desktop,