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Next day collections & fast payments

Transparent audit trail

No contracts or tie-ins

Never again have to cease production due to a lack of space for your waste materials, our collections from almost anywhere in the UK are usually next working day.

All payments are made very promptly following collection.

We have the most transparent audit trail in the industry including HD Photographic Weighbridge Tickets and Bin Tracking. Our transparent audit trail allows you to keep track of the exact breakdown of your materials to ensure you receive the highest value possible.

We are so proud of our services at 2 Recycling Limited that we are now offering a free trial of our services with no tie-ins or contracts whatsoever even after the trial has finished.

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Confirm the weight of the material

We at 2 Recycling Ltd recommend independently weighing your own material to compare against the merchants weights, However we know this is not always possible so what other solutions are available?

We offer an innovative solution in the form of providing HD Photographic Weighbridge Tickets which will take a picture of your metal being weighed as soon as it is unloaded at our site.

This means there is no confusion on what material is being weighed, and along with our individual container tracking, avoids any mistakes by paying one customers for another customers bin and ensures you get paid 100% of the value owed 100% of the time.

This is nothing new, We have been using this solution for many years. However, we are still the only merchant in the UK to offer this service as standard for every bin on every collection.

No need to “take our word for it”

See our transparent audit trail
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Ensure your material is not being downgraded.

Are you being paid less for your material without even knowing it? You may have seen the term “mixed metals” appear on your invoices but what exactly does this mean for you?

The term for the above is “Grade Degradation” and it may be costing you a small fortune as merchants are paying a lower price for the material as a “mixed” price all together rather than paying for the individual metal types.

To prevent this we would recommend segregating your metal into individual bins to get the highest rate of returns.