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Sustainable energy. Solar and wind turbines farm.

July 2023 – Carbon Reduction Scheme

After a significant tender process 2 Recycling have now signed to move all of their electricity consumption to a guaranteed green energy supplier. Our new supplier guarantees that the electricity our 90,000 sqft site uses will only come from renewable sources. This is a great win for the environment and helps us further take Carbon out of our operations.

June Bins

June 2023 – Over 800 new bins in 2023 so far

Due to impressive demand from the many new customers we have gained in the first half of 2023, we have taken delivery of over 800 new bins all needed to be delivered to our customers’ sites. Many more businesses are now seeing the benefits of using our ‘Photographic Weighbridge Tickets’ and the best paperwork in the industry.

2 Recycling Collection vehicles with mounted forklift

June 2023 – Major Investment – 3 more collection vehicles with their own forklifts

With our ever growing customer base it becomes more and more important we listen to our customers. We have been listening and this month we have added three more collection vehicles that have their own forklift trucks on the back. This means more and more our customers waste less time loading their scrap metals onto our collection vehicles, because we can do it ourselves. This can really help businesses that are running lean or just don’t have a forklift.


May 2023 – Re-certification of ISO Standards

All of us at 2 Recycling Ltd are pleased with our full re-certification on all three of our ISO Certificates. We have continued with our excellent evidence based management systems for ISO 9001, ISO 45001 & ISO 14001 for another three years. Yet another reason to trust us with your scrap metals.

You can download copies of our up to date certificates here

2 Recycling New 32 Tonne Moffett Lorry

February 2023 – Brand New Collection Vehicle With its Own Forklift

We have just taken delivery of an extra forklift equipped collection vehicle. This means we can bring the forklift to you to help collect your scrap. This new 32 Tonne Moffett equipped lorry is the first of this year’s arrivals with more coming in the summer to help all of our customers with their collections. One of the very few metal recycling companies in the country to bring the forklift to you, helping you save precious time in loading our lorry.

Jan 23 New Forklift Fleet

January 2023 – Additional Forklifts

During January we took delivery of a further six brand new highly efficient Hyundai Forklifts. We need the extra forklifts to help with the current workload running through our warehouse. These trucks come with the added benefit of being significantly more fuel efficient and therefore contributing a little to our Carbon Reduction goals.

Yet again the forklifts were provided by one of the companies in our Group, Hessle Fork Trucks, if you need any forklifts why don’t you give them a try?

2 Recycling are Carbon Neutral again

November 2022 – Carbon Neutral

For the second consecutive year we have achieved CARBON NEUTRAL STATUS as confirmed by Carbon Neutral Britain™ . We are very pleased to continue our partnership with Carbon Neutral Britain™ and support the projects that they manage around the world. What better way to help with your CO2 offsetting than to partner with us and be guaranteed all of the CO2 we produce is completely offset, minimising your environmental impact. Read more about it here.

Nov 22 New RoRo Lorry

November 2022 – Two new Euro 6 vehicles

Helping us reduce our carbon footprint we have just taken delivery of two brand new Euro 6 trucks. These replace older vehicles and will naturally help us meet out CO2 emissions goals. The two new DAF  vehicles come with their own trailers allowing us to collect two RoRo skips at a time. This ability shortens the collection times for all of our customers.

Triple Skips

November 2022 – New Security Skips

Demand is still strong for our transparent service. Our Audit proof paperwork trail constantly attracting new clients. More security skips have just arrived ready to go out to their new homes.

2022 Carbon Offsetting Calculations

October 2022 – Carbon Offsetting

It’s official, our calculations have now been amalgamated and submitted for audit. Watch this space for our new Carbon Offset certification, reinforcing our continued commitment to the environment and to the offsetting of our entire Carbon Footprint.

Brand New Open skips

October 2022 – New Skips

The country may be entering into a recession but here at 2 Recycling Ltd demand is strong for our transparent 100% accurate collection and weighing service, with our Audit proof paperwork trail constantly attracting new clients. More Skips have just arrived ready to go out to their new homes.

New Bins

August 2022 – New containers

Despite the supply chain difficulties everyone is experiencing, demand for our bins continues and we are always adding new bins to our stock.

2 Recycling Bespoke Cradles

July 2022 – New cradles for long lengths

With customer demand increasing for long length handling, 2 Recycling have invested in building bespoke cradles for our customers to store reject and scrap lengths in. Staying with our bright orange colour, customers can easily distinguish between their own storage for new material and the reject or scrap material that we recycle for them. Its so easy for our customers now to distinguish between good material and scrap material.

2 Recycling are leaders in handling long length extrusion and what’s more we never charge for handling it. You always get the same price as cut up short pieces, yet again ‘Industry Leading Standards’. Why not call us to discuss your requirements.

New Combilift for long length handling

January 2022 – Long Length Handling

We are pleased to have taken delivery of our first Combilift Forklift truck. This special truck moves sideways which is ideal for handling long lengths of things like Aluminium Extrusion.

2 Recycling are leaders in handling long length extrusion and what’s more we never charge for handling it. You always get the same price as cut up short pieces, yet again ‘Industry Leading Standards’.

We are now Carbon Neutral

November 2021 – Carbon Neutral

We are pleased to announce that as a part of our continuous improvement programme we have engaged with Carbon Neutral Britain™ with the ambition of accurately measuring and offsetting the total organisation’s emissions. In other words to become a CARBON NEUTRAL BUSINESS, and we are very proud to announce we have now become a verified Carbon Neutral Business. Read more about it here.

2 Recycling new Forklifts

November 2021 – Extra Forklifts

Since the lockdowns in the UK everyone has been very busy. We have been so busy that we now need more forklifts and this month we have just taken delivery of our new extra forklifts all with rotating fork clamps to help us empty your scrap out of our bins. The forklifts were provided by one of the companies in our Group, Hessle Fork Trucks, if you need any forklifts why don’t you give them a try?

We at 2 Recycling are always investing in our handling capabilities so that we can handle all of the scrap metal that our growing customer base generates.

44 Tonnes of Skip and Bins at the same time

October 2021 – Innovative Collection Vehicle

How many times did you wish that you could have your skip collected at the same time as having bins or pallets collected? Think how much fuel you could save and in turn how much lower your Carbon footprint is by being very collection savvy? Well, we have the solution. We have just taken delivery of our first dedicated Skip lorry trailer to collect bins/cradles and pallets at the same time.

2 Recycling is always thinking of innovative and economical collection services, and we think you’ll like this one.

New Sealed Metal bins

August 2021 – New Bin Purchases

With over 300 new bins delivered to our works in August so far we continue to expand our fleet of containers. The new containers are necessary to cope with our increasing customer base throughout the UK.  More and more companies are discovering the advantages of using our services and they especially like the evidence based paperwork trail we provide. Our photographic weighbridge tickets are completely industry leading. Ask your existing scrap metal merchant if you can have them from them, see what they say?

New Skips Arrive

August 2021 – New Skips Arrive

In support of our customers we now have more skips than ever before available to store your scrap metals in. Despite the Steel shortages and price rises we continue to make investments to improve our service to our our customers.

New Skip Lorry

July 2021 – New Skip Lorry Purchase

With demand for our services continuing to increase we continue our investment programme with the first of our brand new vehicles arriving in July.

With the latest 44 tonne skip lorry and trailer added to our fleet, we now have more availability to collect skips from our growing customer base.

New bins

March 2021 – New Bin Purchases

As the country comes out of lockdown and gradually starts to return to normal, demand for our services has soared meaning more investment in our unique and quality containers.

Our customers can rest assured that we continue investing in our container fleet, this year alone we have already added well over 500 new skips and bins into circulation.

2 Recycling Transport

January 2021 – Lockdown Operations

Operational Update for our Customers for the current lockdown….’We are Open’
As an essential Waste & Recycling Service we will continue to operate our normal collection service for all of our customers all the way through this current lockdown. We will not be closing.
Oversized Stock News

December 2020 – New Cutting Equipment

Following new investment in larger and faster cutting equipment 2 Recycling Ltd can now process extra long-length materials. We can receive materials typically measuring up to 13 meters long and provide next-day collections where possible. This means that your surplus stock is never in the way and your business can continue as usual.

2 Recycling About us

August 2020 – Larger Premises

As part of our sustained investment programme we moved to our new £4m 90,000sqft building here in Grantham. The investment has allowed us to work more safely and have the ability to grow at a faster rate than we were able to in our last premises. The continued investment planned for this year and next will enable us to handle more metal and reach more customers who can benefit from our professional and transparent approach in this often less than clear industry.

Bin Selection News

June 2020 – New Website Launches

2 Recycling Limited has launched its new website www.2recycling.com across all devices. The new website has been designed to offer the ultimate user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality while allowing customers to see the full service package 2 Recycling Limited can offer. As times have changed so must we, We are seeing more and more website visitors coming from mobile devices so we now support all devices.