The manufacturing industry is no stranger to the words “coolant” and “swarf.” The machines used in the manufacturing process often produce waste materials within the type of mists and chips; these supplies can cause serious well being and safety dangers for humans, fireplace hazards for properties and even injury to the encircling atmosphere.

Swarf can be highly flammable because of its high floor space; this is especially true of steel chips containing iron, titanium, calcium and magnesium. Moreover, swarf stored in bins or piles could have the tendency to spontaneously combust, particularly whether it is coated with metalworking fluids.

Swarf (or filings, shavings, metallic chips or turnings) are waste materials eliminated by grinding, drilling, turning, milling or cutting instruments within the machining of metals and different elements.

We recommend a small bin system so that containers can be placed directly by the machine to collect the swarf material – We offer two solutions for this,

  • Wheelie bins are a great suggestion for machines where the conveyer is at a high enough point to allow it, This allows ease of transport/replacement without the need of a pump truck.
  • We also offer knee-high metal bins for when the conveyer is lower than that of a wheelie bin or if space is tighter, These can be easily manoeuvred and stacked upon each other for convenient storage.

Both of these solutions prevent the need to “double handle” the material by transferring them into one skip and also allows you to separate the different types of material which should yield a higher return than the “mixed” prices other merchants may pay.

To compliment our swarf management system we also have teamed up with the team at Wogaard who have created a coolant saving device which reclaims the coolant from the collection bin and returns it into the machine which can both provide fluid free bins which stops any drainage fees from occurring and can save up to 50% on overall fluid costs.

The Wogaard Coolant Saver is easy to install and virtually maintenance-free, It is driven by the machines onboard coolant pump so no external energy is required. With the savings, this device generates the return on investment can be as short of a couple of months.