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Supporting British Manuafcturing and Engineering


2 Recycling has been servicing UK manufacturing and engineering companies since 2007 growing initially from a small base to become one of the most competitive companies in the metals recycling sector. We offer possibly one of the most professional services to manufacturing companies for the safe, secure and reliable removal of your metal waste. We actively encourage grade segregation for higher monetary returns, and we have an excellent range of storage containers, many of them unique to us.

Now with our new photographic weighbridge tickets we consider ourselves at the leading edge of metal recycling in the UK. Protect the value of your scrap metal by selling it through the 2 Recycling system, no other company offers you the level of traceability that we do.

New for 2018...try the new COOLANT SAVER device to save £££’s on your coolant costs  click here for more

Metal Sorting

We bring the forklift to you

Technology sorts our metals


Audit proof paperwork trail

As part of our service we can bring our own lorry mounted forklift.

Easy Loading

Our own forklift l

There is only one guaranteed way to identify the exact metal grade.

X-Ray Spectrometer

We use some of the very latest portable x-ray spectrometers to grade your scrap, eliminating guesswork.

Environmental compliance is very important for business these days.

Waste Transfer Notes

are part of the compliance system that we provide you free of charge.

Bins & Skips

Excellent range of storage bins

Having the correct storage containers for your scrap metals helps with manual handling issues

FREE Scrap Bins

Our bins are always loaned free of charge. We have many unique sizes.