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2 Recycling has been servicing UK manufacturing and engineering companies since 2007 and has become an innovative industry leading example for the metals recycling sector. The launch of our partner’s Coolant & Oil Saver devices brings together partners Wogaard and 2 Recycling, tasked with the sole aim of helping companies massively reduce their coolant disposal and purchasing costs. Talk to us about the best way to get your Coolant Saver to start saving money and then claim your FREE suction head protection tube.

How much money do you waste?

Quality product that always works

Simple and easy to install

Losing money in the swarf?

You can almost watch as the money leaves your CNC machine into the swarf.

Compact & Proven

The Coolant saver reduces the need to top up, saves disposal costs and improves housekeeping.

Documented case studies illustrating the self funding nature of the product. Customers often proclaim a 3 month payback time.

Helps with ISO14001

You can reduce significantly consumption of cutting fluids and water; reduce the amount of waste fluid collected and disposed of; end fluid leaks and save thousands of £’s.

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More Information

To find out more about the Coolant Saver and its integration into our swarf collection service call us on 01476 513900

Use a coolant saver in your scrap bins to save £’s