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Sponsorship Deal Announced

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April 2012

2 Recycling are proud to announce SME Sponsorship of the BLOODHOUND SSC Land Speed Record Attempt. The sponsorship deal will help support British Manufacturing and Engineering directly. Through giving something back to UK manufacturing we will help the record attempt, which is also a key contributor to the BLOODHOUND Education Programme for Schools, to provide us with a once in a lifetime opportunity to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers.

Extra Vehicles

February 2012

2 Recycling have yet again strengthened their fleet of collection vehicles with the addition of a double 32 tonne skip vehicle. The addition of the vehicle will allow the company to expand even further by offering the larger containers required by many customers.

Less pollution

January 2012

With ever tighter environmental controls in London we have upgraded a further two of our fleet of HGV’s to meet the higher emission standards for London.  Our commitment to reducing pollution is demonstrated through our efficient and modern fleet.

Health & Safety

January 2012

2 Recycling is awarded the prestigious Citation Plc Quality Approval Mark for our Health & Safety systems. Although we ran a good Health & Safety policy there were a few areas that inevitably required improvement. Having undertaken a 6 month long improvement programme we are now confident that the systems in place - as judged by Citation Plc - are a leading example to the industry.

Vince Cable visits BLOODHOUND at

The MACH  Manufacturing Show.

April 2012

BLOODHOUND SSC were in attendance at the MACH Manufacturing Show at the NEC during April. As an SME Sponsor 2 Recycling were also at the show supporting the BLOODHOUND project and drumming up business.

The BLOODHOUND stand was visited by Vince Cable MP the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills who took a great interest in the whole project. 2 Recycling Ltd are firm supporters of British Manufacturing and Engineering and are proud to be SME Sponsors of the BLOODHOUND Project. We welcome Mr Cable’s visit to the stand to show support for the whole project.

The BLOODHOUND Project continues its education programme in the hope to persuade future generations to aim for careers in the British Manufacturing & Engineering sectors.

2 Recycling Ltd at the MACH show at the NEC

Euro 5 Emissions

May 2012

2 Recycling have yet again improved their existing fleet of collection vehicles with the addition of Euro 5 emissions technology. Our latest purchase has now come into service and we are reducing our overall environmental impact by upgrading to Euro 5 emissions. Our latest 26 Tonne vehicle comes equipped with its own 1.5 tonne tail-lift to help loading.

This latest arrival brings our total fleet size to seven vehicles collecting scrap from all over the UK.

BLOODHOUND rocket firing

Sept 2012

The BLOODHOUND SSC rocket firing is announced.

See the BBC’s Science Correspondant Jonathan Amos’s report on the BBC website here

Skip investment

Sept 2012

New Security Skips Launched - click HERE for more info

We now have a range of lockable security skips available for our customers. The new skips enable rain to be kept out of the skip and with multiple locking points you can also keep out those un-invited guests.

Cropping machine

Sept 2012

Investment added. - Click HERE for more information.

Recently added equipment at our Grantham works is a new Deltax cropper. The purpose of the equipment is to broaden our reach and enables us to handle very long lengths of metal. All smelters require metal to be cut down to a more manageable size and this investment in the latest equipment underlines our commitment to ensuring we can cater for all of our customers’ needs.

BLOODHOUND rocket firing

October 2012

The BLOODHOUND rocket firing takes place in front of the world’s media. 2 Recycling sponsors the live web feed and promotes our services to a worldwide audience.

See the You Tube footage of the rocket by clicking here, and see our special rocket firing page here

New equipment

October 2012

New equipment

Due to our increasing volumes we have invested in more handling equipment. Our latest purchase increases our operational efficiency and also adds to our overall metal handling ability.

Bin Investment

October 2012

Bin Investment

In line with our continued growth, and in support of our expanding customer base we have now taken delivery of over 1000 new bins & skips during 2012. So whenever you need a bin you can be assured that we will have them in stock ready for despatch.

New weighbridge tickets

August 2013


As part of our ongoing investment all 2 Recycling weighbridge tickets now have automatic photographs of your scrap on. We lead the industry in reporting what your scrap looked like and thus we eliminate any possible grading problems. - Click here for more info.

New equipment

July 2013

New equipment

With more and more emphasis on correct grading 2 Recycling have invested in a further two hand held XRF guns from Bruker. The new guns encompass their new Shield technology affording protection against swarf ingress.

April 2013

New storage bins 800mm(L) x 600mm(W) x 600mm(H)

Our customers often demand special size storage bins. In keeping with our continued expansion and investment plan we have taken delivery of yet another type of bin our new Type T bins. This brings the different types of bins available from 2 Recycling to sixteen.

Type T bins

New bespoke bins

January 2013

New equipment

2 Recycling take delivery of their brand new baling press. The fully automatic computer controlled twin ram non-ferrous baler enables the company to reduce its transport costs and gain access to better end user markets.

New equipment

New Scrap Metal Bins

April 2014

Massive Bin Investment

In 2014 we have now ordered 1150 new bins in order to satisfy our ongoing demand for extra bins being placed at our new customers’ premises. Deliveries are arriving regularly of new bins, they are all weighed and then labelled up before joining the fleet of bins available for our customers.

Extra 26 tonne curtainsiders

January 2014

Expanding our HGV Lorry Collection Fleet

We have just taken delivery of two extra 26 tonne curtainsiders to expand our fleet to cope with ever increasing demand. Our collection fleet  now consists of eight of our own HGV vehicles.

Our Stand

November 2013

Aero Engineering Show at the NEC

Continuing to showcase our innovative ‘photographic weighbridge tickets’ 2 Recycling took a stand at the Aero Enginnering show at the NEC. We gained many new contacts and much interest was shown in our unique tracking system.

ISO Accreditations

  May 2014

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Gained

Continuing our focus on proving the 2 Recycling service as ‘Industry Leading’ and building on our unique ‘Photographic Weighbridge Tickets’ we have been awarded Standards for Quality, Environment & Health & Safety. Proving yet again we are totally focused on improving the customer experience for the sale of scrap metals. Click here for more

Certificate Number 11820

New Forklifts

May 2014

Further Investment

We continue to add to our handling capabilities with a further two Toyota forklifts trucks enabling us to unload / load more efficiently, and cope with increased volumes.


  Aug 2014

  Vehicle Fleet renewal

Improving our vehicle fleet is very important to us, and now time has come to replace our oldest vehicle. Our Latest 28’ Curtainsider with its own tail lift is added to our existing fleet.

Brand New Moffett Mounty

  Dec 2014

  Extra Capacity Arrives

Further expansion of our collection fleet, we have just taken

delivery of our Brand New Moffett Mounty attached to our new

Scania 26 tonne curtainside lorry. We now have an even greater capacity to collect your scrap without you needing to load our vehicle because we bring along our own forklift.

New Double Decker

  Feb 2015

  Even More Extra Capacity.

Equipped with moving floors and its own tail-lift our new super size Double Deck trailer helps ensure that we always have room on board to collect your scrap.

Supersonic in 2016

  June 2015

  BLOODHOUND commit to record runs for 2016

  The BLOODHOUND Project is now one of the world’s biggest STEM engagement   programmes (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), with c. 100,000   children per year enjoying BLOODHOUND activities and lessons in the UK alone.

  2 Recycling remain proud SME Sponsors to this great British Manufacturing & Engineering   world class project.

New Customer bins

September 2015

Large Bin Investment

To accommodate our continued year on year growth, we have now taken delivery of over 1150 new bins & skips during 2015. So whenever you need an exchange of your full scrap metal bins, you can be assured that we have plenty of them in stock ready for despatch.

Additional 32 Tonne RoRo Lorry

January 2016

Expanding our HGV Lorry Fleet

In order to cope with our increased tonnages the business has acquired a further Roll on Roll off vehicle. The addition to our fleet will enable us to make sure we are able to maintain our excellent collection service for all of our customers.

New Forklifts

May 2016

Investing in our capabilities

Ensuring we always have the capabilities to load and unload our expanding fleet of vehicles, we have recently taken delivery of a fleet of brand new Jungheinrich forklifts.

New EURO 6 Vehicles

July 2016

EURO 6 Investment

  We have continued our vehicle fleet improvement by adding two new EURO 6 Scania   tractor units to our fleet. These will help us maintain our excellent UK wide collection service.

Runway Runs for October 2017

June 2017

Bloodhound SSC

  The world’s most advanced straight-line racing car, BLOODHOUND SSC, will be driven   for the first time, at Cornwall Airport Newquay, 26th October. Tickets on sale now!

Coolant Saver

April 2018

New Coolant & Oil Saver Devices Launched

  To help our customers save ££££’s on their coolant costs using this industry proven clever   product. See here for more details.

Euro 6 Scania

26 tonne  curtainsider

May 2017

Scania Addition

A further addition to our fleet of collection vehicles. Helping to keep the fleet reliable and up to date. Making sure we have the capability to collect from our customers when they want without relying on outside haulage.

Low Loader Trailer

May 2017

Trailer Investment

  Our Fleet continues to expand with the addition of a very useful low loader trailer. Can be    used to collect all types of oversize machinery and large items.

Latest Bin Dollies

June 2017

New bin movers (Bin Dollies)

  To help our customers move our scrap bins around their sites we can now supply wheeled   dollies to make life much easier. Supplied in normal and high weight capacities.

More Mounted Forklifts

February 2019

Fleet expansion

  Continuing our investment in our own transport fleet we welcome our latest addition of our   Brand New Moffett mounted forklift truck and additional 44 tonne 45’ articulated trailer. The   investment strengthens our collection fleet providing our customers with better service by   being able to load ourselves when we collect the scrap metal bins.

More Mounted Forklifts

Winter 2018

Fleet expansion

  Continuing our investment in our own transport fleet we welcome our latest addition of our   new Roll on Roll off trailer.

More Trailered capacity

Another Lorry & Its own forklift.

Autumn 2018

Fleet expansion

  Continuing our investment in our own transport fleet we welcome our latest addition of our   Brand new Scania 26 tonne vehicle & brand new Moffett mounted forklift truck. The   investment strengthens our collection fleet providing our customers with better service by   being able to load ourselves when we collect the scrap metal bins.