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Scrap Metal Recycling at its most professional
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
Certificate Number 11820
Waste Transfer Notes and Detailed Results Your name on BLOODHOUND

Top Market Linked Prices. Next Day collection Service. Free Skips and Storage Bins.

We support British Manufacturing by assisting businesses return a higher value for their scrap metal sales. Many businesses are missing out on better returns because they either  under sell their scrap or do not have the correct storage containers for improved grade segregation.

Bespoke bins, next day - UK wide collection service, market linked prices, audit trail, Waste Transfer Notes and European Waste Codes mean that 2 Recycling Ltd is considered by many as ‘scrap metal at its most professional’

We are business to business only and are closed to the general public, therefore eliminating our exposure to any stolen metal.


Our empty bins take up less space because they flat pack when empty.

Metal Bins

Range of strong metal bins. Can be supplied with a locking lid.

Sealed Wheelie Bins

For smaller consignments or wet swarf why not have a wheelie bin?

Sealed Plastic Bins

Placed directly under a swarf conveyor prevents waste coolant from escaping.

Metal Bins Wheelie bins to store your scrap metals in Leak Proof Scrap metal storage bins


Full range of skips ranging from 6 cubic yards up to 16 cubic yards.

Skips Bins & Skips

RoRo Skips

40 cubic yard Roll on Roll off bins.


Lockable Skips

New range of lockable leak proof skips.


Proud Sponsors of THE BLOODHOUND SSC Land Speed Attempt. - 1000mph

Supporting British Manufacturing and BLOODHOUND Education Programme

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Top quality paperworlk trail

Our proven audit paperwork trail helps you keep control of how much scrap you have sold. Full out-turns. Waste Transfer Notes, European Waste Codes & Collection request forms.

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Track your bins with unique numbers

When we collect your scrap we always know what bin your scrap is in because it has it’s own bin number.

Bins & Skips

New range of security skips

Continuing investment has meant that we now have a range of security skips which can be locked and shut to keep out the rain and unwanted visitors.

Photographic Weighbridge Tickets

NEW photographic weighbridge tickets

August 2013

Industry leading reporting of what your scrap looked like, eliminating any possible grading & weighing problems.

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Bins & Skips

ISO Certifications

May 2014

We gain ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and the Health & Safety OHSAS 18001 standards at the first attempt.

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Further supporting BLOODHOUND SSC we will put your name onto the tailfin of the car if you become a regular customer of ours in the rest of 2014 or at anytime during 2015.  

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CCTV recording of all weighing

Our system records every time we weigh one of your bins full of scrap. With our two camera system on the weighbridge you can be assured that we always have an accurate record of weighing your metals.

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UK wide collections

Nationwide Coverage

Where ever you are based we have a network of collection routes which span the UK. Most pick ups are next day, so you can be assured of a quick & reliable collection from us.

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Bins & Skips

Niton Metal Sorting

Fast, accurate scrap metal sorting is fundamental to any scrap metal recycling operation. And with volatile commodity prices, this need has never been more important. We use the very latest technology.

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Get your name on the tailfin of BLOODHOUND

Lorry mounted fork lift

  We bring  the forklift to you

If you don’t have a forklift but still need scrap bins, no need to worry as we have one we can bring along

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Stainless Steel




Cobalt Alloys




Chrome Steel





Tungsten Carbide

High Speed Steels





Ferro Alloys


Nickel Alloys

Mixed Blends



Super Duplex

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Individual bin ID Numbers

Certificate Number 11820

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